The Closet

Blazers: Every man needs one – or more

A Blazer is a must-have fashion piece for both Men and Women. I’m going to run some easy ways to match and wear blazers for both Men and Women.

But today, Let’s talk about the Men.

Here are several ways to wear a blazer:

With A Deep V-Neck Cardigan

By slipping on a crew neck T-shirt, followed by a deep V-neck cardigan under your blazer, you’re sure to look on point. The T-shirt will act as a second skin, ensuring you stay warm, while also preventing your chest from being over-exposed to colleagues and friends. The cardigan will keep you feeling cozy and give your ensemble a classic touch.

With A Plaid Shirt

Keep your outfit decidedly modern, however, by selecting a plaid shirt with a contemporary fit and vivid, unexpected colours  With a mix of light-gray and dark blue checks set against an electric blue background, this piece will really pop against a traditional navy blazer. Substitute it for your usual white button down whenever you can

– With Heavily Distressed Denim

Jeans should have the most flattering fit possible. The straight leg jeans are the usual pair of everyday jeans for most men, but with some strategic distressing and ripping, paired with a blazer for nights out, you’ll look fun and youthful, yet still respectable.   Note that you’ll probably not be able to get away with wearing these to work.

– With Cargo Pants

Try out the trend yourself with military-influenced apparel, giving you a rough and urban warrior look, like combat pants combined with a button-down or a T-shirt, your trusty blazer and some sneakers, you’ll exude eclectic cool. While you don’t want to dress head-to-toe in military garb, you’ll earn serious bonus points in the style department by adding a scarf and then swapping your sneakers for some combat boots. Total Coolness

– With Combat Boots

Masculine and rugged, combat boots are the must-have footwear to complement the cargo/ urban warrior trend. Worn with a blazer and jeans (or cargo pants), combat boots will look seriously edgy and aggressively stylish. This ultra-luxe version of the trend and can be stunning dressed up or down.


2 thoughts on “The Closet

  1. Nice writeup. Bt I dnt agree wit d bell bottom trousers. They are coming back wit a different style. (for ladies only though).

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