I’m so confused!

I’ve been taking note,and its a big trend now…and I think I’m going blind,it has always been like this but its worse now!,and now they have succeeded in bringing joy to devil by lead the men to sin …ok let’s get this straight,yeah? Quick question…is the breast still a private part (for ladies) ?
Females from all walks of life now find it ok to reveal the breasts to the general public, bobi don turn sign board now abi …*chuckles*
But seriously it makes no sense,letting the cleavages show is still fair, we like it (dudes) :D, but when every thing is outside and only the nipple is hidden,you have succeeded in sending a message across “its doing time!” … When you send the wrong message you allow us take wrong steps, here’s a secret, hey! This part is meant to be read by girls only …guys back off ! … I know you’ll still read it ,Goats :p
The general belief of guys is that any girl that reveals a major chunk of her breast is a bitch,olosho,ashewo,prostitute,bitch … Oh I said bitch twice ..hehehehe… You got the point sha …If you wanna earn respect , you gotta command it … Please be decent and Moderate . I love girls :*


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