Apple Wants It All!:”another lawsuit against Samsung”

You didn’t think Apple is done with the lawsuits after its victory against Samsung last week, were you? The Cupertino company has filed another patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, adding an additional 22 devices to the list of alleged offenders.

The new list of smartphones and slates includes Samsung heavy hitters such as the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note 10.1. They were not included in the lawsuit Apple won last week – that one actually involved mostly products which are hardly available on the market these days. There are some devices, which were part of the original suit. This time however, they are listed for infringing different patents.

Here goes the full list of devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Samsung Illusion
  • Samsung Captivate Glide
  • Samsung Exhibit II 4G
  • Samsung Stratosphere
  • Samsung Transform Ultra
  • Samsung Admire
  • Samsung Conquer 4G
  • Samsung Dart
  • Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

It must be noted that the structure of Apple’s complaint leaves an open possibility for more devices to be added to the above list. As always, we’ll keep track on the whole affair as it develops.


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