How Celebration Can End In A Second!

Its just so tragic,I got to school(yabatech) this afternoon and heard from my roommates that someone’s life was on the line…I think its easier said that way …
I can’t give details of the person yet,but you will know later…
Its like a custom in school,for a birthday celebrant to be watered and beaten in some cases.
Yesterday 29th of August 2012 was her birthday and her friends decided to wet her in the afternoon,and they started the process… everybody around poured water on her,it was fun, everybody was laughing and celebrating until this happen…
There was a container on the corridor with a particular chemical in it,likely to be acid , which was kept there by some students to be used for preparation of soap,and an unidentified person took the container,thinking it was water that was in it, and poured it on the celebrant,it hurt her so bad that she had to scream loudly,at that point everyone knew something was wrong,the screaming continued as people began to notice her skin burn,she was quickly carried to the out,eye witnesses reported that the chemical also affected the person that carried her’s skin…presently she is receiving temporal treatment at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, the doctors said she has to be flown out of the country for and operation …I am sure that is going to cost a lot! 😦


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