Lovely way to end a weekend! —-»@OneMicNaiJa

The june edition of OneMicNaija went down yesterday ,sunday 24th of june 2012 , at Brown’s cafe ,ikeja GRA, it was really nice and awesome , everybody had fun there was no dull moment , thanks to one of the side attractions @fozadoza , the show was hosted by Kel and KB , performances by top talent winner of the Month Cody Blaise ,M.A.K , SAEON,MAYTRONOMY,MO-EAZY,DARK POET, and EVA, dey all rocked d stage , with the support of the OneMicNaija Band , for me Saeon’s performance was the most memorable one , that her outfit mahn ! #Sexual 😀 , I was like dis —–» O_O through out her performance *chuckles* .
Another interesting part was the Open Mic session , were Nawab made us say Na wa , d dude was just too deep …lol the winner was Brainy BOY…a rapper .And we formed a team 😀 #Team2more I don’t wanna dwell too much on that lol …The show was a blast , people came all the way from BU,Lautech…and some other places sha …and they were happy they did , so the 1k we paid was worth it !
dharmiesays: Big up’s to @toptosyn and the entire #OneMicNaija crew …looking forward to more from you guys …if u missed june’s edition look out for August , if u miss that one ! If u miss that one !!…*lipsaresealed*


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