“I walked TBS to CMS around 2am …”Exclusive time-out with GT the guitarman

dharmie: What is your real name …

GT: ok, uhmm my names are OLAOLU OLUGBEMIRO TUKUNBO AKINGBOGUN aka”GT d Guitarman , GT actually came from “G” for Gbemiro “T” for Tokunbo

dharmie: A brief BIO about yourself…

GT: I… was born 1984 in London UK,and uhmm , buh I grew up in Nigeria basically I started all my life in Nigeria I hail from Obafemi Owode local Government in Ogun state and uhmm , I am a musician and also an Economist ,I studied economics is LASU , so basically …what else do u wanna know , that’s pretty much it …

dharmie: What is your educational background

GT: Primary school was at Community Primary School, Mile 2, Lagos and went on to Mayflower Secondary School Ikenne, amuwo odofin ,Ogun state studied economics at L.A.S.U (Lagos State University) , still learning tho…

dharmie: when did the journey start (music)

GT: ok , uhmm , my musical journey started …I can’t really pin point where it started anyway, but there is a whole lot of story , I was a fan of music , I enjoyed it, my dad was a huge fan of Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade , Onyeka Onwelu and he ll play most of their songs , he ll dance he ll sing and basically just having fun , I think that’s where it started , kudos to my sister too who was a member of the choir, she ll bring songs home and then , we ll do things together, and she ll teach me , I think that’s where it started , I also joined a few groups , I formed some groups …like uhmm , so many of them with funny names …“tempo and excel” ,”four generation” ,”tears of glove” very very funny names*chuckles* , and basically , it was a place where I was able to develop myself , and a stepping stone to the me that I am right now , 2005 was a very memorable year , I was busy pasting postal advertising a valentine show, and uhmm , deep down inside of me I was nursing a dream to perform, I approached the organiser , I told him I could sing ,he said “ok , prove yourself” and I brought out my guitar and played , then he said” ok , u are on the show” ,at the event my performance was awesome, and people loved It , Omobaba no1 the comedian , approached me and started managing me , same year 2005 I met Dare art alade , a friend of mine introduced me to Dare art alade …he introduced me to STORM after listening to me play ,and uhmm , basically that was it I met Oby Asika and he heard me play I brought out my guitar I performed in his office and he signed me instantly , it was basically that easy for me , I was signed to storm for five years and uhmm , now I have my own company , its called Ember entertainment, and we are looking forward to doing better things in years to come,…

 dharrmie : what were your parents veiw towards you going into music

GT: Actually , I only had my mum to prove myself to, when my mum noticed I wanted to do music , u know … Like every normal mum she was concerned , cus of the whole happening in the music industry , like people going into drugs, I mean , she has seen what fame could make someone do ,what fame can turn someone into, obviously she was concerned , she didn’t want me to , buh I had to fight my way , buh right now , she is a very big fan of my music and she is proud of what I am doing and the kind of music I play and she is proud of what I have been able to do with my life …

dharmie: what were your challenges as an up and coming act…

GT: As an up coming artist, hmmm in this country were there is no structure , as an upcoming act I could remember years when I ll perform in the middle of the night and I won’t be able to transport myself , like take a cab back home ,and I ll have to seat at the bus-stop and wait till like 5am, when the bus ll come around . You know , I have walked TBS around 2am to CMS,one of the major problems upcoming artist face is getting people who will support them and believe in their dreams ,to me the music industry is like a joke , its more like u have money and u wanna advertise to people , that’s basically what it is now , you have to pay everybody to get what u want, *chuckle* we pay the press to get published,its like an advert,very soon we ll be able to differentiate the boys for the men , because if u are doing it for the money very soon you ll get tired and stop , buh if its for the love , u won’t stop , the industry has so many challenges …

dharmie: How did your Big break happen

GT: The big break happen when I released “dreamer”, dreamer was a great song ,I cut across africa , it uhmm…it made people realise , it got people thinking , it kinda did the job it was created for and am glad , I was inspired since that happened to be a great song , there is still more to come , people should just keep their finger’s crossed.

dharmie: What was your most depressing moment ?

GT: To tell you the truth , I think I have had quite a number of depressing moments ,I have also had quite a number of highs too , there is really no way you can have the highs without having the low ,I’ve had so many crazy times, and I have had so many good times.

dharmie: tell us about your Love life…

GT: uhmm , about my love life , well ,GT the guitarman doesn’t have any girlfriend gt the guitarman is married to his guitar . Hmmm , buh if you are talking about Gbemiro Olaolu Akingbogun Tokunbo , well he has a girl friend , that’s pretty much it …

dharmie: apart from music what else do you do ? Other talents or passion…

GT: The question is what don’t I do , I always tell people that,there’s a whole lot that I can do but really people do look down on me , maybe because I look like I really can’t do so much ,buh the truth is I always keep shocking people,quite a number of things I can do apart from music and apart from being an economics student ,I do carpentry work , I could service my generator,I could service my car,I know a lot about electrical stuffs , I can repair my bb,to some point if it has fault , I could remember driving down from benin a few days ago , my exhaust had problems , I went under the car and I fixed it! *chuckles*, what don’t I do that’s the question ,I am a song writer , I am a guitarist,I am a producer, I am a sound engineer in training ,am an actor, c’mon what don’t I do , I am still trying to figure it out , I don’t know …

dharmie: what is your view toward music in Nigeria presently.

GT: Well , the industry is growing ,uhmm…in terms of growth yes but development NO,so many of our artist are being recognised outside the country,inside the country do we have a structure ? …NO, are radio stations paying us royalty for songs being used ? …NO, if u release an album is there a guarantee its going to connect to the fans?…NO,has the Government tried to stop piracy ?…NO,is there an avenue for up coming artists ? …NO, we hear of talent hunt buh after the hunt , the talents go back to the streets , so they don’t even promote the artists , you know we are not developed basically , just like Africa , just like Nigeria ,my view…we still have a long way to go , and from a musical point of view its bad !, I think the world generally is changing ,I blame everything on the radio stations , the media don’t promote good music , everybody can actually sing ,just add autotune to your voice , it ll get to a stage that everybody in Nigeria ll be singing , they will all have studios in their houses , and we ll be selling our CD’s to each other *chuckles* , from what I have seen in Nigeria everybody can sing , so BREAKING NEWS: everybody can sing , so guys go book a session. There’s is a whole lot wrong sincerely.

dharmie: If you had d chance to feature any foreign act who would it be ?

GT: It ll be India Arie ,hmm , why cuz , she is my number one artist in the world presently ,she is doing great , she is musically deep, insane ,she is someone I ll love to learn from …

dharmie: Is music a life time thing for you or its just for now ?

GT: Music for me is a life time thing , that’s why I am putting structures in place , that ll last for years , that’s why I decided to leave the label I was on before and start my own label , because I know I have a life time in front of me to plan and work on ,you know , its a life time thing , I have a lot that I want to share with people , pretty soon people ll get to understand , people are complaining that they can’t see gt, where is gt, buh fortunately , I am working on a lot of stuff , when they start seeing GT they are gonna get tired , you guy should just keep ur fingers crossed , 😉 , record labels has dis appointed in many ways ,so it time to take the bull by the horn ,u get signed in and can’t be guaranteed good sales for your album , or good air play that you ll be paid for , I mean , its really messed up , its time for us to take it up to ourselves, and put the structures in place , because we don’t have structures in Nigeria , and people wait too much , I hate when people say “we don’t have blackberry ,but its our own ” it is your dutie today ,if we look at it we are not even making batteries ,ordinary tiger batteries are being imported, it is your dutie today , most of you guys are jobless! , and it is your duty to look inward and try to solve our own problems , now I am getting so so emotional…*chuckles* , buh the truth is when I see young people saying they are looking for job , it breaks my heart .To me music is a life time thing I could dash into any other thing at the end of the day but Music is My thing.

dharmie: what advice do you have for Upcoming acts ?

GT: If anybody can do it , u can ! , even if you can’t ,keep trying, stop looking for people to support you , support yourself , you are you greatest fan,start looking inward on how we can solve our problems ,don’t let anyone lie to you, to get u the true , there is no structure in this country, this country is F’d,and its our duty to remove that F’d up situation ,and turn it into a good situation, don’t be decieved , expect you want someone that ll give you small change , that ll make u look nice and fresh for a period of time ,buh if u really really wanna get something done , do it yourself! And let God be your guide.

dharmie: what should we be expecting from you this year…

GT: hmm, quite a number of things ,I am currently shooting a soap opera , hopefully its gonna be out this year,currently in the studio ,brushing up my album , hopefully gonna be out this year,God’s grace and all things being equal, this year the first ember ent. signing ll be coming out , apart from me , we are signing another artist apart from GT, hopefully God bless me ,everything is about favour , the talent is there and its over flowing, so its all about favour .
Keep supporting GT, keep supporting Ember ent. , it’s (20GT12) two thousand and GT twelve like I ll say .

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