The newest Job opportunity in Las-GIDI

I have fallen victim of this on some occasions ,till one day. This is how it works …

He ll  stand at  the B.R.T bus-stop and say ” Bros , please i have 20naira and i am going to Onipanu,i need extra 50naira to buy ticket ,please help me” normally I’ll consider the fellow and give him the 50naira, buh on this fateful day , i just said lemme help him save his 20naira , I bought the ticket and gave him , the man looked at me with serious disdain and said “mscheew, i send u make u buy ticket for me ,nah d moni i need joor!” Since That day! anybody whey ask me for ticket moni i have put them here——–> \______ , come to think of it this guys are not even deformed in anyway,they are just too lazy to work…

conclusion, dharmiesays : don’t give them Fish show them how to fish. #gbam

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